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Coffee to ride

A good coffee and a ride with friends, old and new ones.

This is the sense of PH Coffee to Ride, an appointment to (re)discover and (re)live together the street, the trip and the emotions that the bike allow us to live.

What it is about

A free participation with the same practice in every meeting point:

  • A city
  • A coffee, offered by us, in a place which share the Coffee to Ride’s philosophy
  • A ride between 70 and 100 km, waiting for the slowest one and, maybe, improvising a sprint at the end of the hardest climb

The “PH Coffee to Ride” is an event as simple as involving, created by PH Apparel, with the purpose of meet bike lovers, far from the timer and far from the socials network, to rediscover the pleasure to be on a bike and talk in front of a coffee with new people or with old adventures’ friends.

Where it takes place

The departure is an historical city center, in different places, and then ride towards the mountains, lakes, passes: it doesn’t matter the destination, but the desire to share the pleasure to be together on bike.

The calendar:

Padova, 30th March


Ferrara, 13rd April

08:30 to Caffé Penazzi (Via Giuseppe Bongiovanni, 32)

09:00 from Caffé Penazzi (Via Giuseppe Bongiovanni, 32)

70 km

10:30 to Bradamante Brew Pub (Stellata di Bondeno)

Points of interest
Rocca di Stellata
Delizia Estense della Diamantina

Copenhagen, 8 June

Milan, 22nd June

Livigno, 21th July

Garda, 3rd August

Padova, 7/8 September

Why participate

Living the street and the bike changing your view or meeting old and new friends.

Travel with us and, in front of a coffee, talk about bike’s passion and share your emotions in a place where you can be yourself: a Push Hard rider.

Share with us your stories and bring your emotions of an alternative day.

The only thing you have to pay is living your passion!

How to participate

Fill out the form ; we will send you the notifications and all the informations which allow you to free participate at the event.

During Coffee to Ride’s events, it will be possible to buy some PH products with a special price.